Nursery Furniture

Having to choose the Nursery Furniture for your babies nursery has to be one of the most exciting things about being pregnant as it tends to mean baby is not far off being born.

When looking at setting up your babies nursery firstly you need to look at what will you need for your new arrival and then where will it go, is there enough room to hold the items you have chosen, the cost and will it suit your's and your baby to be needs.

Kub Dreema Changing Unit, Pine
Kub Dreema Changing Unit, Pine
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Nursery Furniture


There is a fantastic choice of Nursery Furniture on the market today and The World Of Babies has brought together a huge range of Nursery Furniture for you to choose from. We have tried to put together a collection to suit everyone's nursery and budget. We have Wooden and White Nursery Furniture and prices range from Cheap Nursery Furniture all the way through to the top of the range sets  

Nursery Furniture UK

Nursery Furniture is generally sold in sets complete with cots or cot beds, changing tables or dressers and some include a wardrobe, they are all made of the same material so you don't have a problem trying to get items to match at a later date. The question is do you have the room for a Baby Nursery Furniture set, or would it be better to choose the items separately.

The first thing to think about is the babies bed, whether to buy a cot or a cot bed, the later will change into a bed when you child is older by dropping the sides down, this may give you more flexibility in the future.

The next item to look at would be a changing table or dresser unit. The dresser unit tend to be made more solid than the changing table as they incorporate drawers for storage. The changing mat would normally go on the top of the Dresser unit.

If you do not go with the dresser unit then you may need to think a bit more about storage. There are plenty of nursery wardrobes for you to choose from, many with hanging space and its surprising how much space is need when you have baby.

Whatever you decide to choose we are sure that you will have allot of fun and excitement sorting out babies nursery.