Nursery Clocks

Designing your babies nursery is one of the joys of being a parent and a memory that will stays with you for many years. Deciding if you are going to have a theme and then choosing your theme for your nursery is a hard decision and hopefully here at The World Of Babies we will be able to give you some ideas. You will find a variety of Nursery Clocks and by choosing the right one it will help to make your nursery look wonderful.

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Nursery Clocks


Nursery Clocks come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and are sold at a variety of prices. When buying a Nursery Clock, you should start by deciding the amount you want to spend and if your nursery has a theme do you want it to match. Some of these clocks can come at a high price but they tend offer high quality service, added features and elaborate designs. If you are buying the clock for a nursery maybe your child is a little to young at the moment to help you choose which design to buy but many babies show an interest in certain characters on the TV so it might be worth seeing if you can find a nursery clock with their favourite character on it. Also If your child likes farm animal noises, you may be able purchase a nursery clock that produces such sounds.

Nursery Wall Clocks

If the clock is going on a particular wall, does that wall have a theme and can you find and purchase a Nursery Wall Clock that will complement the theme you have chosen. We have a variety of Nursery Wall Clocks including princess, pirate and frog clocks but you will find many more to choose from. Some of these clocks can be personalised for any given occasion and are a great idea as a gift. You can also choose the football clock, which can combine the colours of your favourite football team and a personal message. Other clocks that can suit a given wall theme include the cartoon characters which can bring about the imagination of your child. we also have very special cuckoo clocks that don't make the sound of a cuckoo, they make the sound of your chosen animal. My daughter one of these clocks in her bedroom and she absolutely love's it. I did have a concern that it was going to keep her awake but the clock has a light sensor that switches off the animal action once the room is dark.

You should also consider the material used to make the clock. Some clocks are made from plastic while others are made of wood. Some of these clocks are beautifully designed and portray wonderful artwork. You will also find in our collection nursery clocks that can educate your child in various ways. For example, some clocks are designed in such a way that helps the child know when to sleep and when it's time to wake as it detects when the sun rises and sets.

I hope you have found this information helpful and good luck designing your nursery.