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Night Lights


If you are looking for Night Lights to add a touch of light to your nursery for your baby then look no further, we have a huge range of Nightlights For Babies and Nightlights For Children who are slightly older on offer. Our range of Nightlights For Kids are brought to you from a huge variety of top trusted UK retailers and here at The World Of Babies they can be found at very competitive prices.

We also have a fantastic range of Light Projector For Kids.

Chicco Good Night Stars Projector creates a magical atmosphere for your baby at bed time and Nightlights For Toddlers helps them to relax. The projection of stars and variety of soothing music melodies including Bach, Rossini, New age and nature sounds reassure baby and help to sleep peacefully. The projector can also be used as a colourful nightlight.Requires 3 x AA batteries.

The Magic Cot star mobile

The innovative dual projection system provides a captivating atmosphere of stars and distant galaxies to embrace newborns as they lie in their cot.

The system projects images onto the Cot Mobile and the bedroom ceiling creating a truly magical atmosphere that embraces newborns along with their mums and dads.

The magic continues to accompany babies as they get older. In fact, when the overhead section is removed, it becomes a practical cot projector, with a night light and a large selection of tunes. Press the two large buttons on the front of the panel to select either classical or new age tunes.

When the baby cries, the Magic Star Cot Mobile will start automatically and soothe your baby with it's projections and music. It comes with an infrared remote control that parents can use to start the Cot Mobile from a distance. Features - Suitable from 0 Months+ - 18 Minutes of projection - Infrared remote control - Sound sensor for automatic product activation