Kids Cabin Beds

There are many different types of Childrens Cabin Beds, some having pull out desk and areas to study for the older child and some have great play tent type curtains making them not only a bed but under the bed is a great place to play and to store your kiddies toys. With many modern houses the bedrooms space seems to be getting smaller and this has led to this type of bed becoming very popular. It has been designed to help with modern day living and many parents are choosing to buy one for their children's room. Are Kids Cabin Beds really necessary? Please read on to know when is the best time to buy one. 

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Kids Cabin Beds


When is my child big enough for a Cabin Bed? 

As a parent I know that the first things that you are thinking about when it comes to buying a bed that is raised up off the floor is the safety of your child but you as a parent will know yourself whether your child is ready for a cabin bed or not. Cabin beds are designed for Children who are strong enough and safe enough to climb up and down the bed steps on their own. Obviously, cabin beds are definitely not fit for babies and these type of beds are actually recommended for children over five years old. 

When your family is growing.

If you have a baby on the way and your new baby is going to have to share a room with an older sibling then a cabin bed for the older child will give you much more room ready for the little one to arrive. It will give more room for your babies cot and other nursery furniture as the cabin bed has a compact design. You will find many different styles of cabin beds but many put all your child's activities such as sleeping, studying, and playing in one place and will give your older child a whole new independent space of their own.

One last tip.

Once you have finally decided to get a cabin bed for your child, you will need to check the dimensions to make sure that it is going to fit in the bedroom of your choice.

Here at The World Of Babies we have put together this collection of Cabin Beds For Kids to help you find the right one for you and your child. They come in many different designs, sizes, and prices and also have many different features. So before you buy think carefully about what which feature are best suited to you and your child needs.

If you are looking for a more grown up looking cabin bed then we have a great selection of White Cabin Beds, or for the younger ones you will find the tent cabin beds which are great fun for the kiddies. The ones with the slides are my favourite but unfortunately I'm a little bit to big for one now.

We are sure that you will find something within our collection that your child will like and enjoy.