Dropside Cot

When it comes to choosing the right Drop Side Cot then there are a couple of key factors for you to look at. The good thing is that there are several manufacturers of this exact item so at least you do have options available to pick from.

This particular product is designed to allow the parent to lower one side of the Dropside Cot Bed with one hand whilst holding the baby in the other. This then makes it a lot easier to place them correctly in the cot and make sure they are comfortable as there is less bending over on your part. You can therefore see how it can be useful however, you do need to take the following points into consideration before buying.

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Dropside Cot

First of all you clearly need to look at the size of the Drop Side Cots that you are considering buying and make sure that the one you choose is going to be big enough for your baby and last you for a reasonable period of time. You will need to get the measurments for the dropside cot and check both the length and breadth of the cot and then check to see how it is going to fit into the space that you have set aside in your nursery.


Another thing you may wish to look at is if the height of the mattress itself can be adjusted. This can actually then extend the lifespan of the cot as you can alter it according to the development of your baby so when they are moving more they are lower down to stop them falling out for example.

The main thing however is going to be checking that it has passed the relevant safety tests for your country. This information tends to appear on the packaging so get to know the logos and terms to look out for as this is going to really put your mind at ease. You should also check the the Cot Drop Side has the correct latches on it as they are there for the childs safety and if you are ever tempted to buy a second hand Drop Side Cot Bed please make sure that these haven't been changed and that they are working correctly. 

So those are some of the main things to check for when looking to buy a Dropside Cot for the nursery. Here at The World Of Babies we have put together this collection to help your find the best Dropside Cot to suit your needs and budget.