Babies Nursery

Babies Nursery


How To Choose Nursery Furniture Sets

Having a child is a wonderful time in a parent's life.  Parents-to-be will experience many joys in the coming months, along with a few frustrations. One of the fun parts of preparing for a baby is designing a nursery. It is like creating a personalised Never land for your infant.  The nursery will be his or her oasis for the first few years of their lives.  Here are some things to consider while planning and designing a nursery layout.


Before heading to the nursery showroom, parents must measure their baby's nursery. Showrooms are spacious: The ceilings are high and often walls are not present. However, the actual nursery has finite dimensions, which can quickly become crowded and cramped.  Knowing the length, width and even height of a room will help parents plan a spacious and comfortable nursery.



Before actually purchasing any Baby Nursery Furniture Sets, no matter how good the current deal is, head back home to picture it in the actual room.  An easy way to do this is to tape the floor. Masking tape is safe for most floor types; chalk can be used on unfinished flooring. Parents should simply outline where the pieces of furniture will go in the room. Once all the pieces are outlined, try walking around. Is there enough room to move comfortably? Will it be a struggle to carry a sleeping baby to the crib? Can all the dresser drawers be opened easily? Outlining furniture will help parent avoid these frustrations later.

List Items

Setting up a nursery can quickly drain a budget. In order to avoid overspending on a nursery set, parents should create a list of the furniture they want in the nursery. Common items include a crib, changing table, bassinet, rocking chair, cradle, dresser and shelving.  At first, this list can be a dream list of everything that might go in the nursery. Once all the furniture is listed, it should be prioritised. Deciding which pieces are the most important and which are luxuries, but not necessary, will help determine what is worth spending money on for the nursery.

The Crib

The crib is the centre of a nursery. It will take up the most room of all the furniture, and it is where babies spend their most time. It should be coordinated with the rest of the nursery furniture, and it should be comfortable. Most importantly, a crib must be safe. Parents should rely on the official guidelines of their government for specifics, but here are some general safety considerations. The crib slats should be narrow, so an infant cannot get his or her hands, legs or head caught in between them. Generally, anything less than 2 ½ in. is acceptable.  Some parents use a bumper pad for additional security. If colour is an issue you can always go neutral or look at White Nursery Furniture Sets.


In some ways, having a new child is similar to a wedding. There are many great joys, and one of the joys is planning a new living space. In both cases, designing this living space can quickly become expensive. These tips will help parents design a wonderful Never land for their child, while staying within a budget. 

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Babies Nursery


Useful tips on fitting out a small room as a baby nursery


Fitting out a Baby Nursery

If you look in all of the baby magazines or decorating magazines you will see lots of Baby Nursery Ideas and pictures that are filled with all the lovely expensive stuff such as cots, tallboys, changing tables and dressing tables. Most of the pictures are taken in homes that have large rooms and that can accommodates such luxuries as Nursery Furniture Sets and the like. But what if you do not have the space to put all of that furniture in to, what if your Nursery Room is a small box room.

Ideas For Nursery

The first thing to look at is the practical side of where will your baby sleep when the bundle of joy arrives. If you have a small room such as a box room then take a look at purchasing a mini crib, it's basically the same as a standard crib, only smaller, specifically designed for those small rooms. You could also take a look at a portable crib which would be one that you can fold away during the day time so that will allow you more space in the little ones room during the daytime.

How are you going to change your baby, one thing you will not have room for is a changing table so why not take a look at getting a changing pad or mat to fit on the top of any dresser that you may already have.

When your baby arrives you are going to need storage space and lots of it, you will need to get inventive if you want to store all the things that baby is going to need. Using things like book cases, shelving units or your wardrobes in place of Nursery Furniture will make life easier if you do not have the space in the nursery for all you baby's stuff. Another good idea would be to get some cargo nets to fit into your wardrobes to store baby things. Hang nets up from the ceiling in your nursery to hold baby clothes or nappies or toys.

When you come to decorate your nursery choosing a light colour will go a long way to making the room look and feel bigger than it really is. Darker, heavier colours have the tendency to make a room feel small and closed in.

A small baby nursery is generally not ideal but a small room can be made to look and feel cosy for you and your baby. If you are handy with the paintbrush have a go at painting a wall mural on it yourself, this can add a new dimension to any room. Of course if you know the sex of the baby then decorating the room with a theme is much easier. You do not have to have a large space to make a nursery, you just need some imagination and a little application and you will have a wonderful useful space for your little one.